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Since 2012 | Provide customized industrial computers for global clients!

ODM/OEM Services


One Stop Customization Service | No Extra Cost

Provide customized industrial computers for global clients;/ With more than 10 years of experience in hardware research, development and manufacturing;/ Providing customers with high-quality, customized hardware platform solutions suitable for their application demands.

Extensive R&D Experience

For a long time IESP has provided specialized ODM/OEM services for the top equipment & system manufacturers at home and abroad. IESP is experienced in developing products that are customized to meet complicated application demands in a variety of industries.

Short Lead Time to Market

IESP uses a wide array of resources for each ODM/OEM custom project in order to respond to customer requests as soon as possible. By working in collaboration with our customers, we can shorten our R&D time allowing customers to quickly introduce their new products to the market.

Cost Advantages & Benefits

IESP starts our cost appraisal when customers formulate product specifications. Rigid cost control is also conducted during R&D. We share the cost advantages in procurement channels with our customers, helping our customers save money while maintaining quality.

Product Supply Guarantee

IESP has established a three-level supply guarantee system: inventory management for sufficient stock, flexible production scheduling, and priority raw material supply management. Thus, Seavo is able to continuously and flexibly meet the supply requests of our customers.

High Quality and Reliability

Based on a rigid system of standardized quality control, and the close co-operation with leading company in many industries, IESP constantly pushes the boundaries of high quality expectations, and keeps customers concern-free.

Value-added Services

In addition to product research, development and delivery, IESP provides customers with value-added services such as BIOS customization, driver development, software debugging, system testing and training of operation personnel.