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Quality Assurance

IESP Technology's Quality Management is based upon a strict Quality Assurance Closed Loop Feedback System provides solid and consistent feedback through the design, manufacturing and service stages to ensure continuous progress and quality improvement to meet customer expectations. These stages are: Design Quality Assurance (DQA), Manufacturing Quality Assurance (MQA) and Service Quality Assurance (SQA).

  • DQA

Design Quality Assurance starts at the conceptual stage of a project and covers the product development stage to ensure quality is designed in by highly qualified engineers. IESP Technology's safety and environmental test labs ensure our products meet the requirements of FCC/CCC standards. All IESP Technology products go through an extensive and comprehensive test plan for compatibility, function, performance and usability. Therefore, our customers can always expect to receive well-designed, high quality products.

  • MQA

Manufacturing Quality Assurance is carried out in accordance with TL9000 (ISO-9001), ISO13485 & ISO-14001 certification standards. All IESP Technology products are built using production and quality testing equipment in a static-free environment. Additionally, these products have gone through rigorous tests in the production line and dynamic aging in the burn-in room. IESP Technology's Total Quality Control (TQC) program includes: Incoming Quality Control (IQC), In-Process Quality Control (IPQC) and Final Quality Control (FQC). Periodic training, auditing and facility calibration are strictly implemented to ensure all quality standards are followed to the letter. QC constantly feeds quality-related issues to R&D for improving product performance and compatibility.

  • SQA

Service Quality Assurance includes technical support and repair service. These are important windows to serve IESP Technology's customer needs, receive their feedback and work with R&D and manufacturing to strengthen IESP Technology's response time in resolving customer concerns and improving service levels.

  • Technical Support

The backbone of customer support is a team of professional Application Engineers who provide customers with real-time technical support. Their expertise is shared through internal knowledge management and links to the web site for online non-stop service and solutions.

  • Repair Service

With an efficient RMA service policy, IESP Technology's RMA team is able to ensure prompt, high quality product repair and replacement service with short turnaround time.