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Next Stop – Home

Next Stop - Home

The atmosphere of the Spring Festival starts with the journey home,
Again, a year of returning home during the Spring Festival,
Again, a year of longing for home.
No matter how far you travel,
You must buy a ticket to go home.
One cannot have youth and the understanding of youth at the same time,
One cannot truly appreciate the value of home until they are away from it.
Even if there is a bright moon in a foreign land, it cannot compare to the light of home.
There will always be a light waiting for you in your hometown,
There will always be a hot bowl of soup and noodles waiting for you.
When the bell of the Year of the Dragon rings,
Fireworks light up the night sky, one is shining for you,
Countless homes are lit up, one is waiting for you.
Even if we have to part in a hurry in a few days,
Tears that haven't been shed,
Goodbyes that haven't been said,
They all turn into faces passing by on the train leaving our hometown,
But we can still gather the courage to go far away and face life.
Looking forward to the next Spring Festival,
The heart is racing, and the joy returns.


Post time: Feb-05-2024